Olomagic Drinks.

It represents a revolutionary way to advertise in three dimensions.
With a simple design, small format, this model generates a strong visual impact on the viewer or consumer.

This model is a very suitable showcase for companies that require a large number of exposure points.
The holographic vision provides ample perspective of the product. Combining real physical objects with holographic 3d images.

Characteristics and technical details:

-Holographic vision 90º and resolution in HD.
-Possibility of combining physical products with holographic images. -The content can be replaced with a USB harddrive.
-Adjustable illumination LED.
-PC display with custom printing and methacrylate.

This model can be customized according to the needs of the company. It is possible to change the size, incorporate corporative colors, logo, etc. In addition, we can create any type of image or effect for the holographic visualization.

This product is registered by the Office of Patents and Marks.