Olomagic 3d Holographic Displays


3d holographic displays.


Olomagic 180 degrees

Olomagic 180 degrees is a revolutionary way to make publicity. The display can generate three-dimensional images in space. It has a simple and elegant design, this model generates a great visual impact on the spectator or consumer. The holographic vision of 180º provides ample perspective of the product. Combining real physical objects with holographic 3d images.

Suggested retail price 1.250 euros.


Olomagic Small Version

It represents a revolutionary way to advertise in three dimensions. With a simple design, small format, this model generates a strong visual impact on the viewer or consumer.


Olomagic Mapping

The new generation of holographic displays. A Fusion between holographic and video mapping effects. The most striking three-dimensional visualization.


Olomagic Drinks

This model is a very suitable showcase for drinks that require a large number of exposure points.


Olomagic Transparent display

The transparent displays are a striking and innovative product. The display can be customized according to the needs of the company.

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    The Olomagic display is available for sale or rent. Our team will advise you, personalizing and adapting the product to your needs.

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