Olomagic offers a variety of possibilities for your projects

Please select the holographic display according to the needs of your company. We can also integrate three-dimensional images with real physical objects at the same time.

Olomagic introduces a new dimension, a new way of marketing and communication, conveying an impressive message to the customer or spectator.

Holographic Pyramid: Olomagic 180 degrees

Holographic showcase: Olomagic 180 degrees

The classic and revolutionary way to create three-dimensional publicity through our 180 degrees holographic display.

Holographic showcase: Olomagic 90

With a simple design and 90 degree front view,
this model creates a strong visual impact.

Holographic showcase: Olomagic 90
Holographic Pyramid: Olomagic 180 degrees big

Holographic showcase: Olomagic 180 big

A bigger and more elegant holographic pyramid.
The solution best suited to creating extraordinary experiences at events and exhibitions.

Olomagic Projection

Different technology with a great 3d effect.
Possibly the largest holographic display on the market.

Hologram projection
Special projects

Special Projects

We can customize existing products or design new solutions to respond to the needs of the client.