How holographic display is used?

  • How holographic display is used

With the help of 3D technology hologram works in a versatile way. It is possible to use the holographic display in a meeting, in a conference, product show, trade show, for using in general marketing venue, as well as in a shopping mall, etc. You can use it to publicize anything with great perceptibility like a real object in front of the buyers. In HD display, the fine facts of any product can be displayed with minute details, and that is the object of using the hologram display.

Viewing the hologram display from different angles will offer you a different view of the object, giving it its 3-dimensional appearance. The eyes of a human are divided by several centimeters, for looking at different views, which the brain construes as three dimensional images. The hologram is the 3D image of an object with better optical appeal. Perhaps this is the reason 3D holographic image is a brilliant way to increase cognitive and visual effect which promotes publicity and awareness of a business brand.

  • 3d holographic displays

2 types of hologram:

The simplest hologram is a reflection type hologram. This hologram is shaped when the reference ray and the object beam meet on differing sides of the holographic surface. They inhibit and record an image. To rebuild the image, a point source of white light illuminates the hologram from the proper angle, and the viewer looks at it from the same side as the light source. Reflection holograms require the simplest setup, and are visible without laser light. Holographic displays are made on this principle.

The other type of hologram is a transmission hologram, is filmed and advertisement film these types of holographic displays are used for professional visualization of a product.

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